desc Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

anchor_t volatile Anchor
struct desc *volatile Next
void *volatile SB
struct procheap *volatile Heap
struct desc *volatile Pdesc
struct desc *volatile Ptr
int sz
int maxcount
int volatile rc
char pad [128-sizeof(anchor_t)-5 *sizeof(void *)-3 *sizeof(int)]
unsigned volatile status
unsigned nesting
unsigned num_reads
unsigned read_list_size
unsigned num_writes
unsigned write_list_size
unsigned retried
long last_valid_version
unsigned num_mallocs
unsigned malloc_list_size
unsigned num_frees
unsigned free_list_size
unsigned num_checkpoints
unsigned checkpoint_list_size
unsigned upad
void * stackmin
void * stackmax
void ** mallocs
void ** frees
void * buf
char bloom_filter [BLOOM_FILTER_BITS/8]
struct descnext_desc
struct descnext_free_desc

Member Data Documentation

struct desc* volatile desc::Next [read]

void* volatile desc::SB

struct procheap* volatile desc::Heap [read]

struct desc* volatile desc::Pdesc [read]

struct desc* volatile desc::Ptr [read]

int desc::sz

int volatile desc::rc

char desc::pad

unsigned volatile desc::status

unsigned desc::nesting

unsigned desc::num_reads

unsigned desc::num_writes

unsigned desc::retried

unsigned desc::num_frees

unsigned desc::upad

void** desc::mallocs

void** desc::frees

void* desc::buf

char desc::bloom_filter[BLOOM_FILTER_BITS/8]

struct desc* desc::next_desc [read]

struct desc* desc::next_free_desc [read]

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