Amino is an library project which aims to provide high-scalable components for Java and C++ application.
  1. Data Structures
  2. Parallel Patterns
  3. Parallel functions
  4. Atomics and STM
Now Amino is under active development and we've got several golden components such as deque, queue, etc. Although some of our components are not best yet. It's our target to become a standare highly-scalable library for Java/C++ programmer.

Using Amino Java Components

Amino Java components depend on JDK version 6. Some components can be easily used in lower version. Some other compoents, such as Deque, implement an interface of JDK 6 standard library. These components can only run on JDK version 6 and later. Refer Java components quick startguide for more details.

Using Amino C++ Components

Amino C++ components aims to be a cross-platform class library. Our testing platform is as shown below:
  1. Linux/Gcc4/X86
  2. Linux/Gcc4/X86-64
  3. AIX/XLC9/Power
  4. AIX/XLC9/Power-64
Due to the versatile memory models and processor synchronization instructions, this library inevitablely contains platform-dependent code inside the infrastructure layer. C++0X can be very helpful, but it needs a long time before we can see its usage in product environment. Refer C++ components quick start for more details.

Contact Us

Please send us your feedback, which will be used to improve the library. We can be contacted at